Memorial Day 2023 OKC

Danny Thomas - 5/29/2023

From: Commandant, Sooner Detachment #559 Oklahoma City, OK

To: All Volunteers


Date of event: Monday, May 29, 2023

Time: 0800 – 1700

Location: Veterans Memorial Park, at Judiciary Building 2100 N. Lincoln Blvd.,

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

In 1986, the Marine Corps League, Sooner Detachment #559 began reading the names of our

Oklahoma War Dead as one of our first community service initiatives. We have continued this

honorable duty for 37 years because we feel it is worthy of our time and efforts to show respect

for our fallen and their families.

Each year, Sooner Detachment invites the local community to participate in the reading as well

as the ceremony performed by the Oklahoma Veterans Council. Every volunteer participant is

recognized with a certificate of appreciation upon completion of their reading.

Historically, we start our Detachment set up at 0700 and are completed by 0730 in order to get

our new members acclimated with the tasks of the day. Once we begin reading, we continue

until all of the Oklahoma War Dead names are read, aloud, on this day. There are thousands of

names and this task usually takes us approximately 8 hours to complete.

We start the reading at 0800 with two members or volunteers. One name at a time, each reader

will alternate reading the names on their specific sheets. The names are read aloud, with the

use of a microphone / PA system. Each reader will continue reading to the end of their specific

sheet which usually takes about 20 minutes.

The next two readers are expected to be standing by watching, listening and prepared to

perform immediately after the group in front of them. There should be little transition time

between readers.

Sooner Detachment volunteers will be assigned a time slot to coordinate readers for the

assigned names. All volunteers are invited to read as many times as they wish. Thank you for

your support!

For additional information please contact Angela Maness (910) 581- 2128 send email with your questions.



Uniform of the Day: Undress, short sleeve (white shirt/black or dress blue trousers), red cover

OR Detachment Red Polo and black trouser, red cover. Check weather report - NO RAIN!

Capitol Police for Colors: Morning to half-mast until noon. If CP are not available to perform this task,

MCL members will conduct promptly at 0745 prior to official ceremony begins.

Historic Facts regarding Organization Participating since 2021

1. Marine Corps League

2. Down Range Décor

3. Women Veterans Organization

4. Military Women of America

5. Oklahoma Veterans Council

6. Storm Riders Harley Owners Group

7. Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association

8. Sooner State Abate

9. Central OK District Outpost

Volunteers 37 Certificates of Appreciation distributed.


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