MILITARY ORDER OF THE DEVIL DOGS - Who are we?  What is our mission?  
We are the Fun and Honor Society of the Marine Corps League.  There is a requirement to become a member - you must be in good standing with the League, be sponsored by signature of a worthy Dog, have been a member of the League for at least 1 year, but most importantly, know how to have FUN at a pound, pack or kennel meeting.   The levels of advancement are Mongrel, Pup, Devil Dog (DD), Pedigree (PDD).  

Many people think that we are all just about fun and games and our own Marine machismo, however, we are not.  It is the underlying purpose of what we do that gives meaning to all of it. Every year we gather in a different part of the country and present our donation to different hospitals.  Our mission is to donate what we have collected throughout the year to a Children’s Hospitals and Veteran’s Hospitals.

These Donations are designated for medical equipment purchases, which will keep giving year after year, long after the donations are made.  Our hope is to increase these donations every year, to give more, in an effort to help support the medical need. In previous years, like in Billings Montana (2019), the MODD gave a $50,000 donation check to the Billings Pediatric Infusion Center. That donation will go far in helping improve the care that children receive. 
The 2023 Supreme Growl will be in Oklahoma City, OK on 15 Aug 2023.  It's very important that all PUPS attend the Southern Division Growl or the Pack Grand Growl and be advanced to Devil Dogs so they will be eligible to advance to PDD at the 2023 Supreme Growl in OKC.  In addition, Pack will be preparing for our requirement for the Supreme Growl.  
The Honorable Chief Devil Dog has requested that all Dogs log on to the new Devil Dog website and register with Name, Tag Number and email address.  This will provide a method to communicate with all Dogs and provide Dogs with the Woof O Gram as it will no longer be mailed.  Past copies of the Woof O Gram are available on the website.  Website is

If your Pound or Pack is searching for an idea on how to help, please get in touch with us and we can assist in helping connect you with other Packs and Pounds that may be able to offer you suggestions. 

Semper Woofing,
PDD Sal Cenicacelaya 19-081 (aka MCL Animal Mother)
Honorable Southern Division Vice Chief Devil Dog
(973)713-7157 cell