When inviting a guest to a function, whether it is a National Officer, Department Officer or other dignitary certain protocol should be followed to ensure the guest feels welcome and is aware of their role / function at the event. Your guest can help improve your organization by enlightening your organization and providing up-to-date news and information.  Their visit should be handled with care by all those involved.
The inviting organization (unit) should provide a written invitation to the event.  If the invitation is for a single event the letter should include the purpose of the event, the date and time of the event, as well as the uniform of the day (proper attire).  If the invitation if for a multiple event or multiple day events the visiting guest should be provided with a detailed itinerary of events they are expected to participate in, including suggestions for proper dress for the occasion.
If the guest is to serve as a speaker, they should be advised in advance of a special topic and how long the talk should be.  They should also be told whether or not there will be a question-and-answer session.
When the guest arrives, a member of the host organization (unit) should be appointed as an aide and they should be present to meet the officer or dignitary.  The aide should fully understand the assignment and the importance of protocol. The aide will be responsible to brief them on the coming event(s) and assist the officer or dignitary when needed.  The aide would also be responsible to ensure the officer or dignitary arrives at the designated locations on time. 
Two weeks prior to the event there should be follow-up communication with the guest to confirm all arrangements.
The organization (unit) is responsible for making all arrangements for tickets to events, meals and transportation during the visit and pay charges for same.  When deemed necessary the organization (unit) is responsible for providing hotel accommodations for the invited guest and pay charges for same.  Complimentary beverages and snacks make the accommodations more comfortable.  At all functions your guest should be seated on the dais or at the main table.
Press, radio, television and newspaper should be notified of your event including information on your guest so the local media is aware of your event and can provide appropriate media coverage.